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"We can’t stand each other, alright? We are like cats and dogs, day and night, toothpaste and orange juice."

A Life With Derek/Dasey Blog.

The Exception - Chapter 11


Previously in The Exception:

  • Sam knows and is a little shit about it
  • Derek finally admits that he likes Casey
  • They get stoned
  • Kissing demonstrations 

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Dasey Fanvideos Playlist

I’ve been looking for a fancy way to share my favourite videos on this blog and in the end I decided that the best way would be a youtube playlist, plain and simple. Here's almost an hour of tears. Ten seconds warning.

(All credit obviously goes to the makers of the videos. I own none of them.)

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 Summary: Life with Derek is a half-hour comedy series about a modern blended family, with two type-A 15 year-olds, Casey (Ashley Leggat) and Derek (Michael Seater). Each episode is an alpha-teen comic war between two self-obsessed teenagers in a take-no-prisoners fight for control of their house, their school, and their world.

  • All episodes are standard quality and at least 480p. However, half of season one’s downloads are 240p because I had to rip them from YouTube. Those will be in three parts. I’m really sorry! S1 was hard as fuck to find tho, so if you have links to any of these episodes, it would be very much appreciated!


  • 1 -The Room
  • 2 - The Fall
  • 3 - The Party
  • 4 - Puppy Dog Tails
  • 5 - Grade-Point: Average (1, 2, 3)
  • 6 - The Wedding (1, 2, 3)
  • 7 - The Poxfather (1, 2, 3)
  • 8 - House of Games
  • 9 - Marti the Monster
  • 10 - Sweet Misery (1, 2, 3)
  • 11 - Babe Raider (1, 2, 3)
  • 12 - All Systems No Go
  • 13 - Male Code Blue (1, 2, 3)


  • 1 - Date with Derek
  • 2 - He Shoots, She Scores
  • 3 - Middle Manic
  • 4 - The Venturian Candidate
  • 5 - Battle of the Bands
  • 6 - Lies My Brother Told me
  • 7 - Crushin’ on the Coach
  • 8 - Prank Wars
  • 9 - Freaked Out Friday
  • 10 - The Bet
  • 11 - Mice and Men
  • 12 - Dinner Guest
  • 13 - The Dating Game


  • 1 - Two Timing Derek
  • 2 - It’s Our Party
  • 3 - Misadventures in Babysitting
  • 4 - Slacker Mom
  • 5 - Power Failure
  • 6 - Don’t Take a Tip From Me
  • 7 - The Bully Brothers
  • 8 - Home Movies
  • 9 - Show Off-Tune
  • 10 - Summer School Blues
  • 11 - Grade A Cheater
  • 12 - Adios Derek
  • 13 - Friday Night
  • 14 - Sixteen Sparkplugs
  • 15 - When Derek Met Sally
  • 16 - A Very Derekus Christmas
  • 17 - Ivanwho?
  • 18 - Rumor Mill
  • 19 - Derek Un-Done
  • 20 - Not So Sweet 16
  • 21 - Driving Lessons
  • 22 - Make No Prom-ises
  • 23 - Cheerleader Casey
  • 24 - Allegry Season
  • 25 - Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • 26 - Derek’s School of Dating


  • 1 - Two Kisses, One Party
  • 2 - One Mic Plight
  • 3 - Just Friends
  • 4 - March Break
  • 5 - 6½
  • 6 - Derek Denies Denial
  • 7 - Happy New Schoolyear
  • 8 - No Secrets
  • 9 - Take a Stepkid to Work Day
  • 10 - No More Games
  • 11 - How I Met Your Stepbrother
  • 12 - Casey & Ralph?!
  • 13 - Tuesday Afternoon Fever
  • 14 - Teddy’s Back
  • 15 - Rude Awakenings
  • 16 - Truman’s Last Chance
  • 17 - Surprise
  • 18 - Futuritis


  • Vacation with Derek (edit edit edit: idk why my file for this movie won’t load?? if anyone has any solutions, don’t be shy! thank yooou!)

*if any of the links don’t work or there are any problems at all, let me know!


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i’m outside the door invite me in so we can go back and play pretend


Chapter One

“So, you’re really going through with it?” Derek asked from her doorway. He stared at all of the boxes piled around her room and tried to keep a neutral face.

“Of course I am,” Casey replied, rolling her eyes. “I would be really stupid not to.”

“Almost as stupid as following some guy you’ve only known for one summer to New York instead of going to university,” he said with a slow smirk creeping onto his face. “Oh wait.”

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Nora: Are you cold?
Casey: No

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Anonymous asked:
Do you have any Dasey fic recs?


I decided to log in to my old FF account to go through all my history for you, and I kid you not, I read approximately 63 Dasey fanfics. That’s not counting the ones I didn’t add to my favorites list or the ones that are no longer in my alerts (and there were a lot). I read these when I was around 14 or 15 years oldI’m 20 nowso my reading taste has definitely changed. A whole lot of them are unfinished, so I’m only going to post the complete ones that I think are worth reading and/or extremely well-written. Here ya go!


To Charlottetown by Bloodtoast

Timeline: High School 
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 23
Genre: Romance/Adventure

Summer break has finally come, and Nora and George are excited about their well-planned road trip to Charlottetown, P.E.I. Who could have predicted how many adventures could spurt from one trip, and what they would bring? 

Hockey Girls by bsloths

Timeline: College
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 11
Genre: Romance

Derek and Casey are off to Kingston for university. Assumptions are made, conclusions are drawn, issues arise, and problems ensue. 

The Coffee Shop by Enx2103

Timeline: College
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 9
Genre: Romance

The much needed Dasey Coffee Shop AU where Casey (who’s still the overachieving Keener) works at the Coffee Shop on campus in Queens. That’s where she meets Derek (who’s still a hockey god with a superiority complex.) Awesomeness ensured.

Home by bsloths

Timeline: Post-High School, Pre-College 
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 9
Genre: Romance/Angst

Casey has a tough decision to make after her week at the Great Blue Heron Lodge. Spoilers for Vacation with Derek. 

Relative Disparity by Phoenix Satori

Timeline: Various
Type: Collection of one-shots
Chapters: 26
Genre: Humor/Romance

“I’m sorry,” Derek says. “Was that ‘MacDonald?’ As in the one who had a farm?”  Where infirm one-shots, AUs, drabbles, and p*rn of the snapshot variety come to DIE. 

Spilt Tea by SelfControl

Timeline: Adulthood
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 20
Genre: Angst/Romance

It’s been two years since Derek and Casey last spoke and suddenly Derek shows up on her doorstep. Will he finally be able to tell her why he stopped talking to her two years ago?

The Great Escape by lavenderskyxx

Timeline: College/Adulthood
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 13
Genre: Romance/Angst

She may be attracted to him in some way, but never in the way that he was attracted to her. Or loved her, whatever, it’s just semantics.

Cuffed Into Love by December’sRose

Timeline: High School
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 10
Genre: Romance/Humor

Edwin’s new magic phase ends up getting Derek and Casey handcuffed together until Edwin can “find” the key.

Life With Paul by bsloths

Timeline: High School
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 21
Genre: Romance/Family

Sequel to Paul’s Case Files. Paul sees the Dasey. But what can he do about it? Get Derek and Casey together, that’s what. Paul-centric multichapter.

The Interview by moirariordan

Timeline: College
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 19
Genre: Romance/Humor

“You guys are just precious, really. Like Troy and Gabriella, but with creepier subtext.”

Matrimoanal Blisters by SEZCPL

Timeline: Adulthood
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 57
Genre: Adventure/Drama/Romance

A couple check into a hotel. It’s obvious to all that this is a relationship built on sand - probably of the ‘quick’ variety. What is Derek doing married to the cute brunette with the blue eyes. And why is everything not quite as it seems?

Assignment by SEZCPL

Timeline: Adulthood
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 39
Genre: Adventure/Drama/Romance

World-weary and battle-scarred and not from fighting each other . There comes a time when you need to acknowledge what you’ve hidden for so long. 

Tick Tock by tamilnadu09

Timeline: College
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 18
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy

When Derek gets a mysterious gift that claims to be able to “fix” his mistake, Derek must first figure out what that mistake was. Thrown into another world, can Derek right the past and get the girl?

All I Ever Wanted by SpikedCoffee

Timeline: College
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 57
Genre: Romance/Humor

A fire took place in Casey’s dorm forcing her under the same roof with Derek, again.

Not Listening by TheBucketWoman

Timeline: High School
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 54
Genre: Humor/Romance

"In American Sign Language there was more than one way to say what she said. She used the three part sign, pointing to herself, crossing her arms over her chest, then pointing at him." AU Dasey, among other pairings.

Spontaneity by walked-into-the-sky

Timeline: Adulthood
Type: Oneshot
Chapters: 1
Genre: Romance/Humor

A compromise. 

Everything In Transit by passionatelysimple

Timeline: Post-High School, Pre-College
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 16
Genre: Adventure/Humor

Derek’s in search of a story and he knew of only one thing that could possibly qualify as a guaranteed dose of inspiration: a road trip.

Finding the Pieces by x0-vindicated-0x

Timeline: Adulthood
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 40
Genre: Romance/Family

He felt obliged to get involved; he stayed on a promise to the one girl he didn’t want to let down. But accepting the situation as nothing more than a bump in the road…well, that one was all up to him.


The Exception by geckoed

Timeline: College
Type: Multichapter
Chapters: 10/?
Genre: Humor/Romance

There was a logical explanation for the situation she was in. Everything boiled down to logic if you worked through it enough. Okay, maybe not everything but Casey was sure that most things had a logical explanation. Even if those things involved a not quite as obnoxious as he used to be but still pretty damn obnoxious step-brother and a slightly trashy, backstabbing cousin.


*Also, here’s a fic rec list from a while ago. I haven’t gone through it, but feel free to check it out <3

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 It’s so funny how they laugh at each other’s misfortune

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um remember that time the Canadian show that aired on Disney Channel had an episode that was completely about feminism? 

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