so tell me you’re gonna let me in


by jaegermighty (moirariordan)

In which real, grown-up life is uh, actually not all that fun, sometimes.

Lizzie and Nora show up at some ungodly hour of the morning, carting enough food to feed a very brave army. Lizzie spends most of the visit cleaning out his fridge, making loud disgusted noises while Nora makes sad eyes at him and tries to hold his hand.

“You’re giving me cooties,” he deadpans, which only makes her snuffle louder.

“It’s okay to be angry,” she says, and he resists the urge to say something nasty about her shoes. Or her hair, maybe.


Derek&Casey | Hey Na Na (HUMOUR)

"I’m in 4 clubs, 3 committees and I volunteer 2 times a week.

"…And yet you still have time to annoy me 24/7."

seven days of dasey → day three: favorite fight

▪ Dasey
     ↳ parallels & character development